3 steps to saving energy at home #solarnews2018

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Smart Green Sheep Blog: 3 steps to saving energy at home #solarnews2018

data is based on a 4kw solar powered system”

It’s now 2018 and energy prices are due to rise and keep on rising all year so now is the time to start thinking about putting a solar powered system on to your property.

Solar power works and is absolutely proven to dramatically reduce your energy bills. Solar power lasts for years and with warranties normally covering for 25 years, it makes it a worthy investment for your home and your energy efficient future. There are many things as a home owner that you should be thinking about, but none more important than the energy you use today and in the near future.  We are likely to see a massive change within the next 20 years, so be ahead of the energy game.

If you are looking for a worthwhile investment that is not only long lasting, but will save you money and pay you back over the duration of its lifetime, then you should look at solar as your starting point.  After all, you will be harvesting free energy from the sun, so why not!

Prices are at an all-time low for purchasing Solar Panels Photovoltaic Renewable Energy . Furthermore, if you go direct to a Supplier that is happy to guide and advise you through the process, it will make the process a lot easier to understand and will reduce your overall cost £££ of installation.

3 steps to Saving Energy at Home

Step 1:

Install a solar power system onto your home via our partner company www.nuvisionenergy.co.uk by using trusted MCS Accredited Electricians in your area, cutting out the middle man and allowing you to make your own informed choices. NuVision Energy offer a FREE design and quotation service saving you £££ off a typical solar power installation. Nuvision Energy has been a trusted supplier of solar power products for over 12 years and has excellent technical skills to help guide you through this process. System prices may vary due to battery night storage and the type of the roof you have, so why not give us a call 01404 891 693 to find out how much you can save £££ today.

Step 2:

This can be about the smaller changes you make around your home such as LED Bulbs, installing a Boiler Controller, Voltage Optimiser or taking a look at the insulation in your loft and around doors. Depending on your budget, you can also look into energy efficient boilers, best in its class home appliance and smart home automation . Remember everything you do will help, saves you money and gets the very best out of your new solar energy system, giving you a much better return on your investment.  Any unused energy generated goes back into the grid and in turn, is an additional income for the household.

Step 3: 

Take a look at how and when you use your appliances, changing habits will save you hundreds of pounds every year. Using your washing machine during the day as a starting point and avoiding heavy usage at night time can help reduce those big bills coming in. You will of course always need the grid to top you up at times but still reducing your usage dramatically. Adding a solar battery (night storage) to your solar powered system at a later date is easy and would keep you in power through the night time. Savings are all around us so if you need any help with saving money at home please give us a call on 01404 891 693.


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