Vesta Ceramic Panel Heaters because why the hell not…!

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Vesta Ceramic Panel Heaters because why the hell not…!


“are you heating your homes or the environment and wasting money?”


Just because it says on the label "energy saving" this is not necessarily the case and if it is, is it worth buying a new heater? These are all good questions particularly as all we seem to be doing is heating up the environment causing the greenhouse effect.

We are certainly not saying our new Ceramic Panel Heaters are the answer, or even the future solution in home heating BUT they will save you money and they do last a long time, 30 years in fact.

Some say they look more natural and appealing than other panel heaters and because of the unique technologies inside these heaters, they will help improve the overall energy consumption of your household.

Ceramic Panel Heaters are in fact another very useful and important energy saving product that will add to your household energy savings every year!

By the time you change over some LED Bulbs and maybe think about changing your boiler over depending on what you have already...? Consider a Boiler Controller and maybe a Voltage Optimiser for all of your incoming voltage, you just might be on the road to a happier bill paying life.... 

Take a little look at our small range of simple and elegant heaters and see if you would like to include these into your energy saving plan. Click on the link: Ceramic Panel Heaters

Because if you’re not using our heaters, think about trying to save energy somewhere around your home as energy bills are not getting any cheaper and the environmental impact demands more from all of us. 

Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read my blog about our little heater range.

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