4W E14 (SES) Filament LED Bulb - G45 - Golf Ball Shape - Amber

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4W E14 (SES) Filament LED Bulb - G45 - Golf Ball Shape - Amber
Smart Green Sheep is a UK based company passionate about everything green. Check out our online store at www.smartgreensheep.co.uk for a superb range of renewable home automation products offering smart energy saving solutions to save you money.
New and unique
With our new filament range, we are able to offer different colour temperatures and coatings. Most traditional LED filament bulbs only offer Warm White (2200-2700K) colour temperatures, however, this range allows us to offer you more choice: 2200K (Warm White) - 4000K (Daylight).
Whether you prefer a clear or amber coating, there will be a filament to suit your mood.
Vintage design meets modern technology
On the surface, it paints a pretty picture with its exposed filament that’s reminiscent of Edison’s originals from the early 20th century. However, inside it features the latest LED energy-saving tech that means you get the look for less.
Designed to last
Unlike halogen bulbs that blow after just a few months, if not weeks, this LED will give you up to 15 years of service.
Straight replacement
Replacing a halogen or incandescent? No problem, It has a standard base and size, so swapping over is simple!