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The NuVision Rad modern electric heater is suitable within any room around your home, including bathrooms and kitchens.

It is a fully functioning Dual-Therm modern electric heater that warms using convection, radiant heat and an internal heating element. Air flows in through the bottom of the heater, where it comes into contact with the internal heating element. The air then warms and is dispersed from the top of the heater.

Why buy a NuVision Panel Heater

Running cost lower than 7p an hour

Best in class* energy-consumption 

EcoDesign Lot 20 compliant

Easy cLick&Fit install

5 year guarantee

Ready to ship UK


  • LCD Screen Control Panel
  • Dual-Therm Technology
  • Instant Heat within minutes
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Presence Sensor
  • Comfort / Economy Temperature
  • Consumption Display
  • Open Window Security Function
  • Optional Towel Warmer Bar (750w only)
  • Daily/Weekly/Weekend Programming


Digital LCD Thermostat Control

The NuVision Rad modern electric heater comes with an integrated control system. Utilising a presence sensor, window security function, comfort / economy setting plus having a consumption display, the LCD control system ensures your NuVision Rad heater warms any room to a comfortable temperature. They can also keep hourly consumption as low as 6p per hour!?


NuVision RAD includes a digital display for a quick and easy access to the radiator control functions.

Weekly programming to set the heating according to your lifestyle. 

Powercheck function simply pushing a button for a total control of your consumption.

Exclusive OptiControl system that decreases your consumption lowering down the environment temperature automatically when you are out. Thanks to the OptiControl system you will pay less on electricity.



Ultra flat, vertical design - only 8 cm thick

DUAL-THERM double heating system

Energy-saving technology with consumption optimisation

High-precision electronic thermostat

Provision for weekly programming, using the ZEFIRO programming timer

Easy, quick installation using the built-in assembly kit, and zero maintenance


Provision for selecting up to 5 different Operating Modes

IP24 protection against sprayed water, ideal for installation in wet spaces as well


RAD 15

Dimensions (WxHxD): 101,0 x 50,4 x 9,0cm

Thickness from the wall: 12cm

Power at 230V: 1500W

Digital display: Yes

Opticontrol sensor: Yes

Net weight: 9,8Kg

Color: White