SALTFIRE Ultra-Clean-Burning Stove ST-X5 EcoDesign 5KW

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SALTFIRE Ultra-Clean-Burning Stove ST-X5 EcoDesign 5KW

We challenge anyone to find a more effective air-wash


The Saltfire ST-X5 - new addition to our range of ultra-clean-burning stoves. This model has been in development for some time in our labs and is now on sale.
The mid size model of the new ST-X range - the ST-X5 is rated at 5kW output, and approx 82% efficiency.
The ST-X5 has a particularly large firebox for a 5kW model allowing a greater range of heat output and for larger logs to be burned.
Constructed from a precision-welded thick steel body with cast iron door and thermo-refractory fire brick inner linings.
Many times cleaner than the required standard for "DEFRA" exemption, it can legally be used anywhere in the UK including the strictest of smoke control zones.
Designed with simple, easy to operate user friendly controls. 
Designed with a large viewing window for amazing views of the fire. The flame pattern with the advanced "after-burner" system is quite unique.
The ST-X5 is a multi-fuel stove able to efficiently burn wood logs or smokeless coal - the coal ashes will fall through the grate and into the ash can which easily lifts out when full.
The stove is ready to install, no assembly is required and comes complete with high temperature mitt/glove.
Finished in black high temperature paint which we source from the USA and with thermo-ceramic clear glass from the industry-leading "Schott" brand in Germany.
There is an air-wash system to help keep the glass clearer.
The ST-X5 has a 5"(125mm) diameter top and rear flue outlet. Can be used with 5" diameter flue liner or twinwall flue. 
The ST-X5 stove has been developed for use in the strictest of smoke control inner city areas and is fully tested to DEFRA and CE / BS standards.
Each Saltfire stove undergoes meticulous testing and development at our labs in Dorset and then testing at KIWA/Gastec in Cheltenham to be fully compliant with the relevant European and British Standards.


Key features

  • Heavy rugged construction
  • Steel seam-welded body up to

10mm thick, cast iron door

  • Total Control, easy to operate
  • Advanced hot airwash
  • Large capacity 5kW (max’ 8kW)
  • Very large viewing window
  • Suitable for use on 12mm hearth
  • 3 year warranty
  • Developed at Saltfire Cleanburn

Research Centre in Dorset

  • DEFRA Exempt
  • EcoDesign 2022 Ready


Technical details

Nominal Heat Output


Output Range

2 kW to 8kW max





Flue Outlet

125mm (5″) (top or rear)


H 615mm x W 460mm x D 370mm

Max Log Size


Minimum Distance to Combustibles

Rear 700 mm – Sides 600 mm

Fuel type

Wood / Multifuel Grate