700w Electric Infrared Ceramic Panel Heater Wall Mounted WHITE

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Introducing the NEW generation of panel heaters for around your home and living spaces



Vesta Pro Series Ceramic Panel Heaters:

Introducing an energy efficient electric heater offering the unique combination of both convection and radiant heat in one technology. Producing heat from a sealed Infra-red element behind a ceramic plate, Vesta ensures safe heating with no exposed electrical element, ensuring a long product life.

Vesta heater panels offer energy efficient power consumption and therefore an ideal choice for houses and flats reliant on electric heating or non-gas new builds. The Pro heater range comes with its own climate control thermostats to ensure each room is at the desired temperature.

The enclosed design ensures not only a long life but also offers safety and durability whilst having a stylish timeless finish.  

These slim-line natural ceramic heater panels are built to last with a 30 year life span and benefit from a 5 year warranty so you can purchase with confidence. 


Low Energy Consumption

Slim-Line Profile Design

Radiant Heat from Natural Stone

Smart Control Panel

Built-in Climate Control

Supplied with a UK plug

5 Years Warranty

UK Stock


Constructed from quality ceramic components the Vesta ceramic heater Pro has advantages over a standard infrared heating panel.

  • Heat both with infrared and air convection to affect a softer heat.
  • The ceramic core gives an element of storage and retained heat.
  • The ceramic face operates at a lower temperature.
  • The heating element is enclosed and not exposed to dust or combustible debris.
  • Integrated digital thermostat that is easily adjusted and maintains the room at a set temperature at the lowest cost.


First - electric heaters are environmentally friendly. Exploitation of electric heaters does not produce any products of combustion or harmful emissions. Although older types of heaters do burn oxygen in the room, now they are being replaced by innovative devices, in which this problem is minimized. The benefits should also include efficiency output of electric heating devices with index close to 100%. Moreover, it is not required to obtain any permits and approvals for their connecting.




Infrared long wave is more effective than convection. It heats objects and people first, and only then air. The warmth is very pleasant, similar to a fireplace or stove



The co-efficient of heat transfer from the infrared panel Vesta Energy to the object is 100%. Other types of heaters distribute heat inhomogeneously: it is hot above and below it is cold. When a convection transfers air it has a coefficient of heat transfer to the object close to 65%. From here we win about 30% savings



Heating element is of enclosed-type. High protection from moisture and dust - IP54. There are no flammable elements. There is no possibility to burn for children or animals. The heater can operate 24/7. Long infrared waves are safe and healthy



Even strong voltage drops are not dangerous. The heating element is very resistant, there is no risk of burnout. Warranty for the panel is 5 years. Term of employment - 30 years


Environmental friendliness

The heating elements are hidden, they do not burn with dust and they have no scent. For the same reason, air is not overdried and oxygen is not burned. All parts of the heater are environmentally friendly and are not harmful even when heated



Unlike competitors, we payed much attention to the quality of the assemblage of Vesta Energy panels: universal fasteners, ideal joints between the elements, three levels of product testing after the assemblage



The Vesta Energy PRO series models have built-in climate control with programming for every hour and day of the week. Using the air temperature sensors, the heater maintains constant heat in the room. The heater itself perfectly optimizes electricity costs


Power: 700 W

Voltage: 220-230 V

Current frequency: 50 Hz

Heated space: 14 m2

Heating volume: 36 m3

Face temperature: 80 оС

Size: 900х600х16 mm

Weight: 20 kg

Climate control system: yes

UK plug