NUVISION BOILER ENERGY SAVER AUTO Saves you up to 25% off your heating bills

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Save up to 25% off your heating bill.

The Energy Saver Auto is an intelligent central heating boiler management control, compatible with most domestic boilers including combi's, condensing and back boilers with an output of up to 100,000 BTU's using natural gas, oil or LPG.

  • Full Digital Display 
  • User Keypad 
  • Software Driven 
  • Adaptive Thermal Response 
  • Electronic Sensors 

 The Boiler Energy Saver Auto incorporates the latest microchip electronic circuiting technology, which is programmed to the changing load on the boiler, as well as to regulate the firing pattern accordingly.

The Energy Saver Boiler Controls supplied by NuVision Energy, increase the efficiency of existing central heating boiler systems without physically altering any constituent part of that system.

Technical Specifications 

NuVision Boiler Energy Saver
Mains Supply 240V AC 50Hz 1Ph
Consumption 3VA
Switching Mode Volt Free
Switching Current 3 Amp
Boiler Suitability Single Domestic Boiler
Standard Equipment Main Controller Flow Sensor Return Sensor Mains Harness
Viewing Indications Current Mode Boost Systems Temperatures


What does the EnergySaver Auto do?

The EnergySaver Auto fitted to your central heating system will make sure your boiler works as efficiently as possible. This will reduce the operating costs and the levels of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

The EnergySaver Auto reduces the time the boiler needs to fire in order to maintain a steady temperature. This reduces the amount of energy used and the levels of carbon dioxide gases released into the atmosphere.

It does this by monitoring and controlling the temperature of the water flowing to the radiators and the temperature of the water when it returns to the boiler. The difference between these two temperatures represents the demand on your boiler. The standard boiler thermostat alone cannot work in this way and so will not control temperatures as efficiently and economically as the EnergySaver Auto.

How to use it

The EnergySaver Auto is a fully automatic system which requires no user interaction, allowing you to operate your boiler in the normal manner.

The only user control is the Active/Bypass switch which allows you to isolate and de-power the system and revert to normal boiler operation prior to installation.

You should normally leave the bypass switch in the active position.