NuVision OPTIMISE PV WIRELESS Immersion control - making use of excess electricity

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NuVision Energy are delighted to extend their range with the new OptimisePV immersion control.  OptimisePV Wireless is a cost effective way of utilising excess power from the PV system and converting it to free hot water.  LED indicators allow the home owner to know the status of the unit and the boost button allows for an additional override if required.  OptimisePV is easy to install and the power sensor is easily extendable allowing for maximum flexibility when positioning the unit.

OptimisePV Immersion control - making use of excess electricity

  • Power saving starts from 70 watts
  • Informative LED display showing current status:
  • Import Power
  • Export Power
  • Heater
  • Max temperature reached
  • Accurate power measurement and heater control
  • Fast response time for accurate control under changing generation and load conditions.
  • 1 or 2 hour boost function
  • High reliability due to solid state, dual redundant design
  • 5 Year Warranty

Optimise PV Technical Data

Maximum Current 16A

Maximum Load3.6kW

Input voltage215-255 Volt AC

Dimensions150 H x 215 W x 60 Dmm